UberChef: Your Prosumer Kitchenware Company

A Revolution in Kitchenware: Professional Kitchenware Without the Pro-Level Pricing

UberChef Julienne PeelerUberChef was founded on the philosophy of providing Prosumer kitchenware, which means the highest quality products and materials on the market without the professional-level price tag.

For UberChef, that means designing products that are directly inspired by Professional Chefs across the globe.

The goal of making super high-quality, pro-chef inspired products that families, students, amateur chefs, and backyard grill kings starts with you. We identify problems and inefficiencies in your kitchen that professional Chefs haveĀ  conquered long ago with their unique and often expensive tools and accessories.

This provides the foundation to conquer those problems and inefficiences in your kitchen by using high quality materials and manufacturing practices that allow us to provide revolutionary tools at affordable prices.

We are the sole manufacturer and distributor of UberChef products.

UberChef’s Goals Are Simple…

  1. Manufacture the highest quality, longest-lasting kitchenware available that ultimately make your life easier
  2. Create unique tools and gadgets that are inspired by professional chefs and drastically cut down your meal preparation time so that you can enjoy your life outside of the kitchen
  3. Provide the highest level of customer service. At UberChef, you’re a client, not a customer and we’ll back our product for life